Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Do you have to be Scottish or a paid member of a Scottish Clan to join the SASSNM?

NO!  Anyone with an interest in Scottish or Celtic culture may join.

2. Can my SASSNM memberships and donated amounts be deducted from my taxes?

YES!  The SASSNM is a tax deductible 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity organization.

3. What events might I participate in as a part of the SASSNM?

  • Hogmanay  (Scottish New Year)
  • Burns Night  (our semi-formal dinner)
  • single malt Scotch whisky tastings
  • family-friendly game nights
  • Tartan Day  (honoring clan tartans)
  • Celtic Picnic  (co-hosted by the IAS)
  • family-friendly movie nights
  • potlucks at member's homes
  • St Andrew's Day
  • Celtic booths around the state

4. How are SASSNM membership amounts and donations used?

As an all-volunteer organization, funds go directly into Celtic awareness events and Scottish educational outreach.  In addition to scholarships, the SASSNM gives small, one-time donations to charities such as:

  • local youth rugby teams
  • other Scottish groups which offer free training/services in the arts
  • local shelters
  • the future Celtic Community Center

5. Does the SASSNM have a monthly newsletter?

YES!  The St Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico puts out a newsletter called the "Thistle Epistle".  It is only sent to paid members of the SASSNM.  Usually, our newsletter goes out electronically; however, it can be sent printed on paper when requested by a member.

6. Does membership to the SASSNM connect me to any other organizations?

Although the SASSNM is not connected to a National group, paid members have associate membership rights with several local groups including:

  • Duke City Creative (new for 2019)
  • the Rio Grande Jazz Society
  • the Hungarian American Club
  • the Welsh Society
  • the IAS (Irish American Society)

You will find links to these groups on our website's "CULTURE" page.