Clan Genealogy Research

Do you want to know about your name and clan but can't figure out where to start?  We welcome you to start your search with us!

A Basic Clan Genealogy Search includes:

  • A history of your family or clan name including its origins.
  • The likely location from which your family or clan name originated.
  • Famous people associated with the same family or clan association.
  • Your heraldic family or clan crest, motto, badge and tartan.
  • Contact information to your clan in the US (if available).

Please note: This information will be generic to your probable clan and/or family name.  Not a family tree, or family history. All information will be sent over digitally, but in a format that allows it to be printed and hung up, if  desired.

Please note this research is available to members only!


Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to finish our research.